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Inspiration for your next
project in slate


Interior inspiration for outside and inside


Are you an interior designer and looking for inspiration for your next project, we can help you with a unique and beautiful solution in Slate.
For restaurant, hotel, receptions, private or other commercial properties.


Paperthin stone in slate - Real stone and very flexible


Slate-Lite is an innovative real stone veneer that consists of a thin natural stone layer and a support backing reinforced with fiberglass or cotton.
Slate Lite have developed a special process to extract many thin layers from the most beautiful stone blocks in the world. The stone veneer is only approx. 1.5 mm thin and very flexible.
We have over 50 colors with different types of stone such as thin slate sheets and thin decors made of sandstone and marble.

Do you have a project or would like to hear more about the solutions with slate, contact Visti on email or phone + 45 60 55 84 64.